Lee Donahue's Yamato

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

As you can see from my sites, I am heavily into radio controlled boats. I am married to a Japanese woman (whose name is Maiko), and I love to travel! I welcome comments and questions from all corners of the world!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ohio seems to be a popular place for Yamato owners. Meet Lee Donahue's Radio-Controlled Combat-ready IJN YAMATO!

Aquired from Battlers Connection, Lee has modified it greatly over the years and has apparently done well in combat with it. It is seen above in combat with 2 other battleships. Lee's Yama is marked with the arrow. Lee informs me that he expects to do battle toe to toe with Roneert Stalnaker's Yamato. THAT should be something to see! Good work Lee!

Built by: Lee Donahue
Length: 6 feet, 0 inches
Width: 10.75 inches
Homewaters: The lakes of Ohio, USA

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